Here, in the Village, we make sure that life revolves around you. Your complete comfort and satisfaction is seen to by a staff of dedicated professionals who work here because they believe in the concept of a special kind of retirement community.


I didn’t know how lonely I was in my apartment until I moved into Landmark. I heard another resident say she felt “she had died and gone to heaven” and I couldn’t have agreed more.

The staff are all wonderful people that care. Everyone wants us to be happy – and we are! Allie keeps us busy doing whatever we want to do – cards, painting, jigsaws and Wii Bowling and Amber keeps our bones in good shape.

We are a big family here, we look after each other. If someone is not at meals we miss them and ask to see if they are o.k.

Our meals are wonderful, so healthy and just the right amount. I couldn’t be in a better place.

My family is pleased as well. They know I’m looked after and the Wellness Centre is here if I need additional care.

What a great idea Steeves & Rozema had!

I’m sure glad they made their ideas work!



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